Ericsson Business Telephone Systems

Enterprise Multimedia Server - EMS - takes a new and innovative approach to your company's communication: it puts you in center of it all. Instead of you having to adapt to technology, technology adapts to you. It works for you and makes your life easier - no matter where you are or what you want to do.

Totally based on SIP, Ericsson Enterprise Multimedia Server is a user friendly IP-PBX that will converge your telephony and data systems into one comprehensive solution. It's one box with all of the software and connections you'll ever need. It's totally future proof and can be expanded as you grow to include new technologies. You can even use your existing solutions. What's more, it's easy to install and maintain. Supporting 50 - 400 users complete embedded application suite with voice/fax/e-mail, SIP Softclient, Mobile Extension client, IVR, AA, Conversation recording, ACD agent/supervisor soft client, Attendant soft client.

MD Evolution - the choice of enterprises with anything between 4 to 200 employees, this is the system that has fast become the power asset around the world. Small wonder, since MD Evolution has the capacity to provide sophisticated, business-specific applications that have been simplified to be as practical and as effective as possible. And the ability to grow with the evolving needs of enterprises to deliver exceptional performance and reliability at all times. MD Evolution goes a step further in making it possible for enterprises to leverage on their initial IT investments by incorporating IP technologies into their existing communication solutions.

Businessphone - offers you a wide selection of solutions that target the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. These range from Mobility solutions for your staff in the office or your team out in the field, to IP Telephony, Messaging and even Contact Center solutions. You name it, and BusinessPhone has it: So that you have the option of combining one or more solutions of your choice into your BusinessPhone. And getting a tailor-made solution built precisely to your needs.


  • ∑ Converged Communication systems built for between 8 to 300 extensions.
  • ∑ Four different sizes for you to select according to your business - BusinessPhone 50 and BusinessPhone 250, as well as the, mid-sized BusinessPhone 128i that fits neatly in a standard server rack and not to forget BusinessPhone Compact an attractive choice for the small enterprise
  • ∑ Modular architecture to accommodate growth and change
  • ∑ A variety of features and solutions that you can always add as and when you need.
  • ∑ Networking capabilities to extend your enterprise geographically.
  • ∑ Simple and seamless reconfiguration.
  • ∑ Converged solutions that support IP Telephony and IP Networking.
  • ∑ Mobility functions for cordless users, home workers and people constantly on the move.
  • ∑ Hospitality solutions specially designed for hotels, conference centers and other service-related enterprises that require up to 300 extensions.
  • ∑ Call center functionality for up to 40 agents to improve your customer service or sales office.
  • ∑ Environmentally-sound design.
  • ∑ 99.999% uptime.
  • Itís small wonder that 100,000 BusinessPhone systems have been sold worldwide, with more than 7,000,000 installed lines in over 75 countries. Obviously, the world realizes that it takes the power of simple communication to stay ahead. And thatís the power of BusinessPhone.

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